About Me

About Me


Hello… you have stumbled upon Leisu’s website (lee-sue) somehow and are now attempting to read something about her. Maybe you’re bored or maybe you are here for a reason (vendetta? I owe you money?)… welcome anyways. I am an artist, muralist, illustrator, graphic designer and decorative painter…. builder/renovator, carpenter, inventor, mother of two boys… I’m sure there is more (fisher). I teach art classes often, and in general have paint marks on my arms and face, just ignore them they are part of my glorious charm.

I am friendly, open and honest to a fault. I’ve been accused of often being too open (hhhmmm). If you are gaining information about me here because we are about to meet, you may have already realized I have a quirky sense of humor, roll with it, make fun of me if you really want to get along with me 🙂 I feel like I’m easy to get along with as long as you’re friendly and show a sense of intelligence.

I am from Jefferson City, MO., and if you didn’t know your states and capitols, you now know Missouri’s. It is known as the ‘show me’ state, when I was growing up I always thought it was because it’s very hilly and pretty… but as an adult I have been assured it is because we are very defiant and SHOW ME what you’re saying is true/real. I have been told I am in this category. I currently live about 1/2 hour from Boston in Metrowest. The people aren’t the same as my Missourians, but the charm of New England has really won me over.

I hope you like my art, and hire me… because obviously I am an art goddess. (not diva. there is a difference right?)